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EVERY SINGLE TIME, I have to wait for 10 minutes to download it and play TF2.

Do not run the verification process while performing other system-intensive processes, such as defragmenting your hard drive or scanning for viruses.

The files below contain the appropriate text translations for 28 supported languages as determined by the Steam Translation Server (STS).

To help translate for the Steam Community or Steam games into your language, please visit the STS website.

I tried reinstalling the game at least four times to no avail (it did let me play once, but it had horrendous stuttering issues), and I even tried reinstalling all of Steam twice. The game refuses to do anything past validating files that have already been validated, and getting an update that I already have (which I know from the brief stint mentioned above). I did decide to do it manually like you said, but that didn't do crap.

So **** it, I'm just going to reinstall the entire game for the FIFTH TIME to see if that changes anything.

Or you can directly make video file from TF2 using the following tutorial (taken from the steam community TF2 forums posted by Kuiper): Here's how you can create a video using max graphics settings with constant framerate even if your hardware is low-end: If you haven't already done so, you need to record a demo of the gameplay that you want to create a video from.

Localization files govern how text and dialogue are used and shown in-game in the user's preferred language.

Please let us know how this answer could be more useful.If you are making a High quality video for in use in a Machinima you can use ultra high settings for an added graphical boost These files can be combined into a single movie file by using software such as Virtual Dub, a GNU-licensed video capture / processing utility.The following procedure builds on the prior examples in this article to merge the mymovie files into a movie file.I don't have access to any TF2 maps in Gmod, so my guess is that something messed up when installing (I did get a random blue screen right the **** out of nowhere today when it was at 100% (with 100% apparently not meaning it's done) so that could be it). What I did:-Backup Local Files to an external memory drive-Delete all local content-Restore the back up-Play TF2Considering you reinstalled a bunch of times, not sure it'll work. I've already tried every other bit of advice I've run into, so what's to lose?

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