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The term was similarly adopted by some Anishnaabe Christian groups, such as the Ojibwe, to refer to the monotheistic God of Abrahamic tradition by extension, often due to missionary syncretism.

However, the term has analogues dating back before European contact, and the word uses of gitche and manitou would have been precontact.

In some Algonquian traditions, the term gitche manitou is used to refer to a "great spirit" or supreme being.The Wisconsin Department of Justice has called a 1,200 page motion filed by Steven Avery’s lawyer “without merit” and another one of “Avery’s ridiculous attempts” to re-litigate his sentencing. Avery’s prior motions, this one also is without merit and will be rejected once it is considered by the court,” a spokesperson for the Office of the Attorney General said in a statement obtained by The Wrap.“We continue to send our condolences to the Halbach family as they have to endure Avery’s ridiculous attempts to re-litigate his guilty verdict and sentence.” On Wednesday, Kathleen Zellner filed the notice for post-conviction relief in Manitowoc Country, in which she alleged that Teresa Halbach’s ex-boyfriend may have killed her.In the shamanistic traditions, the manitous (or manidoog or manidoowag) are connected to achieve a desired effect, like plant manitous for healing or the buffalo manitou for a good hunt.In the Anishinaabeg tradition, manidoowag are one aspect of the Great Connection.

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