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Closeted gay people have an extra burden that straight people generally do not, but closeted gay people also (generally) aren't dating - because they're closeted.

We're not unusual, difficult to decipher or hard to understand. Dating for us looks like dating for you - because we're dating.

Under Ghanaian law, male homosexual activity is officially illegal.

Criminal Code 1960 - Chapter 6, Sexual Offences Article 105 mentions unnatural carnal knowledge – and homosexuality is included in this description.

Since the 2000 election, Democrats have been losing ground politically, particularly at the state level.Edit: all of this is to say any "ground rule" you might propose for straight dating is going to be riddled with exceptions.For every straight couple you may find for whom the ground rule applies, you'll find another couple for whom it doesn't. They're pointless for straight people, and they're equally pointless for gay people.Okay, so you get that gender identity is different from gender expression, which is different from sexual orientation.You know the difference between transsexual, transgender, gender queer, gender fluid, and agender. Some recent conversations I’ve had have revealed prevalent myths and misconceptions about transgender people that we need to move beyond.

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