Immediate subscriber updating Staci webcam

Customers can upgrade and downgrade their subscriptions, using the Woo Commerce Subscriptions switching feature.

We recommend reading the Store Manager Guide to get a more general introduction to working with the Subscriptions extension.

This is also the case with limiting the time of day you send.

If someone triggers your automation during the sending period, but the next delayed email in the series would be sent outside of the sending period, it will queue up for the next available send time.

If queued updating is used, the changes are stored in a queue; the queued transactions are then applied asynchronously at the Publisher whenever network connectivity is available.

The subscription connects the topic to a subscriber application that receives and processes messages published to the topic.

A topic can have multiple subscriptions, but a given subscription belongs to a single topic.

Without immediate updating, your changes are only committed to the local subscriber, and queued for distribution back to the publisher, and following that, the other subscribers.

In both cases there is a period of time when a stale record is still at the other subscribers, and one of those subscribers may update the stale record and cause a conflict.

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