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The survey of six schools in Illinois and Indiana found that police investigated 171 reported sex crimes since fall 2005, with 12 resulting in arrests and four in convictions.

Only one of the convictions stemmed from a student-on-student attack, the most common type of assault.

The clincial implications of distinguishing between sexual anxiety and sexual guilt are discussed.

Method: In the first study, college students in China (n = 300) and the United States (n = 233) completed a series of questionnaires.

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"These kinds of data are illustrative of the disturbing and alarming trend we are seeing across this country."For its survey, the Tribune selected public and private colleges with varying student enrollments in Illinois and Indiana.

The Tribune compiled its information from crime data that campuses are required to report under federal law, and then checked with college administrators, prosecutors and others to obtain arrest and conviction information.

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The procedure involved (a) item construction, selection, and subsequent validation through item analysis; (b) a factor analysis of the final scale and the establishment of factorial validity; (c) the collection of test–retest data; (d) the collection of dissimulation data; (e) a factor analysis of items on the Sex Anxiety Inventory and items on the Sex Guilt subscale of the Mosher Forced-Choice Guilt Inventory; and (f) a concurrent validity study (using 72 female and 113 male undergraduates) in which scores on the Sexual Experiences Inventory, the Mosher Inventory, and the Sex Anxiety Inventory were used to predict sexual experiences.

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