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La maggior parte dei cookies sono "di sessione", e vengono automaticamente cancellati alla fine di ciascuna sessione, salvo alcune tipologie degli stessi che vengono, invece, salvati sul disco fisso e che possono essere letti solo dal server che li ha archiviati precedentemente.

Su alcune pagine di questo sito vengono utilizzati metodi di raccolta automatica di dati, come ad esempio i "cookies".

I get it, I’ve done it and thankfully, I’ve now burnt the T-shirt!

You were sitting on the sofa together and watching a movie.

Suddenly it strikes you that she is the one for you! And now you love her more than anything else in the world!

• Now that she knows you so well, it will be hard for you to lie to her and have a blast with the guys whole night. So, she would know everything that you do behind her back! Watch the transformation – her same old room mate has become “another guy’ for you! Think about it this way- you gain some; you lose some!

• You will lose quality time with your friend circle. Come another weekend, and you are again dating your best friend! Those concerts, computer shows, group movies, parties, white water rafting – you’re gonna miss it all!

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