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Walliams is, of course, a highly acclaimed comedian, formerly one half of Little Britain with Matt Lucas and the writer of hugely popular books for children like Mr Stink and The Boy In The Dress (based loosely on his own, crossdressing childhood), which have sold more than 12 million copies. ‘I get tongue-tied when I meet well-known people I really admire.

It was very nerve- racking when we met, but the wonderful thing is that she doesn’t take herself seriously.

He didn’t call or text to say he wasn’t coming by or even to wish you a Merry Christmas.

You’re now wondering if you can really call it a relationship when the man you’re dating doesn’t even care to acknowledge you on Christmas day or New Year’s.

If you’re sure a lady is The One and you want to see her again, always default to a lavish gift. ’ declares the Dame, and they both cackle with laughter, at the start of an encounter that is going to be a lot of fun, very revealing and highly flirtatious.She is, of course, the voice of James Bond after singing Goldfinger, Moonraker and Diamonds Are Forever – three themes for 007 movies that have never been bettered – and Walliams is a huge fan of the spy too, so they both have strong opinions about who should play him next. Bassey has been a singing superstar for more than 60 years, and she has just been named as one of 90 Great Britons in a birthday tribute to the Queen.The unlikely friendship between the 45-year-old funnyman and the diva who is about to turn 80 will be on full, dazzling display in David Walliams Celebrates Dame Shirley Bassey on Christmas Eve, a show full of songs, sketches and chats about her extraordinary life.‘We have an orchestra and Dame Shirley sings seven songs.

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