Consolidating multiple domains

In this tip, we'll first look at why you should consider a single tenant.Then, we'll run through the technical steps and limitations with the installation.Traditionally with Office 365, the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Tool (Dir Sync) operated on a basis of one Active Directory to one Office 365 tenant.This often means a global organization must choose one region for their Office 365 tenant even though users will be distributed globally.The funny thing is that I have plenty of ideas or situation that I could describe in this blog.

Office 365 tenants are based in the confines of a single region, and an organization might want their end users' mailboxes to be close and avoid the latency associated with traversing the Internet.

Read more about the plan to retire the Yammer Enterprise stand-alone plan by January 2017.

NOTE: Yammer Enterprise will continue to be available as a part of the Office 365 Enterprise plans.

The project consist of consolidating this infrastructure into a single Forest/Single Domain model.

The Intraforest migration will be performed using ADMT Tool (see my previous post about the the latest version of the tool).

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